Tuesday, 17 January 2012

18 JANUARY 2012

|| Hi there.. Just had my lunch. Now, I'm still in front of the computer, checking on my Facebook and blog, just wanna update some stuff. Had an OKAY day today. Soon will have lots of school works, gonna be very busy. But I realise that I had become much lazier than before. After having my dinner last night, I ate a burger again as an additional one. Then, I became so full until it's difficult for me to get up. Then, I just took my phone, went into the room and was suppose to get a nap then it turn into bedtime. Poor boyfriend, he waited for me to reply his text, but I fall asleep and I only get up around 10.20pm, but my boyfriend was asleep already I thought. What the hell with me ?!! hahaha (^.^)

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