Wednesday, 6 June 2012

LOVE has always make our life meaningful. but sometimes, because of it, we forget to live our life to the fullest. some are desperate looking for the right one and forget about how wonderful life is. I always felt empty, but im happy that i have friends that are filling my life. im the same like others, looking for the right key to my heart, the key that will make me feel all alive again. now, im till searching, i feel i found that person before but it end up as a friendship. my boy is always in my heart, but he cant understand and dont know know much about my feelings. i dont know, all i know, i need to be strong and just enjoy every second of my life. hopefully one day, i'll meet that someone and fill up that emptiness :)

*sorry for any language mistake :)

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

my steps..

Today started well but something happen, i'm happy that i'm there to help her and it's really a valuable lesson for me. i found out that we cannot depend on others when helping people. it's suck when you're not capable enough to help but you really want to help. it happens to me today. DISCRIMINATION or LAZINESS or IRRESPONSIBLE? i dont know which one should i use to describe those attitudes. all i know, they should show some cares and responsibility. That's just human being that always makes mistakes in life, i don't whether to consider them of making mistakes but i still do think that they should be responsible!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

18 JANUARY 2012

|| Hi there.. Just had my lunch. Now, I'm still in front of the computer, checking on my Facebook and blog, just wanna update some stuff. Had an OKAY day today. Soon will have lots of school works, gonna be very busy. But I realise that I had become much lazier than before. After having my dinner last night, I ate a burger again as an additional one. Then, I became so full until it's difficult for me to get up. Then, I just took my phone, went into the room and was suppose to get a nap then it turn into bedtime. Poor boyfriend, he waited for me to reply his text, but I fall asleep and I only get up around 10.20pm, but my boyfriend was asleep already I thought. What the hell with me ?!! hahaha (^.^)

17 JANURY 2012

Hye there,
New update today. =) today i a great day but kinda tired too. have a tonne of homework for this coming Chinese New Year holidays. Thank God,  I was not been call out during assembly for my speech, quite nervous just now.. (=.=)"
ermm.. I miss my boy so much, my dear Dicklis is in Matang now while I'm in Lundu. Miss you dear.. (^*^)

I think, that's all for me right now. Will be updating soon.. ^^

Friday, 13 January 2012

New Year, New Begining.. ^^

Always motivate yourself in your life..
Hi there.. this will be new post from in 2012. I'm coming to 17 this year and will be taking SPM at the end of this year. so wish me good luck k !! ^^

Monday, 26 September 2011

sometimes, i do think, WHAT DO I WANT TO BE WHEN I'M BIG???
actually, i still dont have any answer for that question.. when i think back what games do i loved to play when i'm a little girl, i do know that i wish to be a doctor or a teacher.. but i have never confirm all that until this moment..
This is one of my latest picture.. i'm trying out a new make up style.. the red lips.. hehehe :P
sometimes, when i am bored, i love to do some make up on my face and do cloth matching.. then, i like to take pictures of myself.. hehehe.. you might think i'm weird or crazy but when i took my own picture, i do need to smile that after some time, i'll be happy... maybe i can do cosmetic agency in the future.. actually, i also like food.. maybe i can also do a restaurant.. hehehe.. who knows??.. all i know is i wish to have a job that will make me happy.. i also wish to contribute to the society in the future like my idol, OPRAH WINFREY and ANGELINA JOLIE.. i wish i can be like them in the future.. :P ermm.. am still looking for an answer for that question.., hehehe...

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Today..i'm in kampung.. but i'm sick.. my flu is still with me and i sound bad.. 
Yesterday, my dear was kinda angry with me because i've to cancel our date.. huhuh. :( i talk to a friend about this, then my friend told me to cool down.. i'll try.. i feel so sorry.. :(