Monday, 26 September 2011

sometimes, i do think, WHAT DO I WANT TO BE WHEN I'M BIG???
actually, i still dont have any answer for that question.. when i think back what games do i loved to play when i'm a little girl, i do know that i wish to be a doctor or a teacher.. but i have never confirm all that until this moment..
This is one of my latest picture.. i'm trying out a new make up style.. the red lips.. hehehe :P
sometimes, when i am bored, i love to do some make up on my face and do cloth matching.. then, i like to take pictures of myself.. hehehe.. you might think i'm weird or crazy but when i took my own picture, i do need to smile that after some time, i'll be happy... maybe i can do cosmetic agency in the future.. actually, i also like food.. maybe i can also do a restaurant.. hehehe.. who knows??.. all i know is i wish to have a job that will make me happy.. i also wish to contribute to the society in the future like my idol, OPRAH WINFREY and ANGELINA JOLIE.. i wish i can be like them in the future.. :P ermm.. am still looking for an answer for that question.., hehehe...

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  1. teruskan menulis... bakat yang terpendam tu..hehe